Sex sells: how to draw the line

Sex sells: how to draw the line

There is no denying sex sells – we live in an age where almost all advertising, especially in the fashion and beauty spheres in sexualised in some way.

Beautiful, sensual images and messaging that is aspirational, has, and always will, sell magazines, products and services.

But is using sex to sell your brand ‘right’ for you? Striking a balance between being sexy without being tacky is extremely important – if you get it wrong, you can instantly alienate (and offend) followers, clients and potential investors.

Knowing your target market and what they respond to is crucial. There are infinite ways to be creative and remain cutting edge, all while maintaining your brand’s reputation and still having an element of sex appeal.

Working with small businesses, we know that the stakes and the risks are high, always. So if you’re wanting to ‘sex up’ your image or brand, talk to us about how to strike to right balance without pushing the envelope too far.