Let's get social

Let's get social

At Covet, we’re often asked a simple question in our dealings with small businesses when discussing the employment of social media for their business; why? Why should I be using social media for my business?

This question comes with a plethora of potential answers, so in an attempt to simplify the noise, we’ve compiled some fast facts to help and to inform.

Why you should be using Facebook:

It has been reported recently, that 23% of Facebook users check their accounts more than 5 times per day. So, to maximise engagement, you should be posting 3 times a day. *source: quickalliance.com.

Why you should be utilising Facebook advertising

  • Facebook is has 500 million active users – you want to tap into that audience!
  • Facebook allows you to narrow your ads to be seen by a more specific demographic. Advertisements show up on people’s news feeds. No other ad program can guarantee this degree of attention from prospective customers.
  • There’s less competition on Facebook than other Pay per click services, such as Google Adsense.
  • You can advertise your online store or website, blog or Facebook fan page with a Facebook ad. People can also ‘like’ your advertisements. This helps you generate attention for your advertisement. The more people who like your ad, the more attention, & clicks it receives.
  • Facebook provides a wealth of data and provides you with the ability to test & tack your ad’s success. This gives you the power to get the most return on investment from your advertisements
  • Facebook allows you to create different ads for different target segments. For example, you can create one separate ad for single men, married men & divorced men & you can further segment them by age.
  • Facebook advertising offers one of the lowest cost advertising options on the market.
    *source: topnewsmarket.info

Why you should be using Pinterest

Pinterest is considered one of the highest growth social platforms and according to Shareaholic its referral traffic share grew by 48% last year. And 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest found an item that they’ve then purchased compared to only 40% of online consumers visiting Facebook. Ideal platform for online store owners.

*source: The Guardian

Why you should be using Instagram

This social network has seen the fastest growth, most engagement, and highest conversion from browser to shopper, according a report released this year. *source fastcompany.com Why you should be using Twitter It’s one of the fastest ways you can your message out. You can instantly let your customers know your news, whether it's an announcement or a new product, a special deal, or an upcoming event they may be interested in. It will also help you stay on top of your industry, enabling you to keep your ear to the ground about your company & competition.

*source: sbinfocanada.about.com

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