Yearn to possess, to wish for earnestly, to desire.


Make me feel, Make me yearn, Make me love

Desire me. Covet me.

Let us style you.

Let us promote you…

How We Help

Let us help 'make' you...

Style me pretty

We can assist with branding and messaging – we can help you create and promote your image – we can style you, make you you and make sure that you are not only seen and heard but stand out in the crowd.

Message in a bottle

We can get your message out to the masses via a variety of mediums. We write press releases, we write ad copy, we’ll write your blog, your e-newsletter.

Digitise me

We can create, manage and update your social media accounts for you – we can maintain your websites, contact and engage in conversation with your customers.


What our clients have to say..

Our Clients



Covet is a boutique marketing, social media and image management consultancy. We specialise in small business, because we’re passionate about small business.

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